Zodiac Sign with the Greatest Fear

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While wanting to stand out and be special, Aquarius also wants to blend in and be liked by others. Most of the time, they worry about how seriously or appropriately people are taking their uniqueness.


This sign will slant in all directions to delight everyone (apart from themselves). They run the risk of ignoring their own wants, which when unmet just makes them more anxious.


"Since they want to help, they sometimes fail to set boundaries." The outcome? They then worry that others would encroach on their personal space.


It comes as no surprise that they are grumpy. Cancer frequently feels out of control and worries about not being able to maintain structure or stability since they are unable to manage certain factors, such as the moon or other people's emotions.


"You feel like you're never done when you have so much to do all the time." When you never complete, you then feel like a failure.


The worst sign of them all is Gemini, despite being not too dissimilar to Virgo. This sign is always moving and moving fast. They experience a million thoughts every minute, much like someone with ADD or ADHD.

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