Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Guide You

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The most emotional of the water signs, Pisces is also the most prone to having their feelings change unexpectedly. "You wouldn't know you were being played by a Pisces," the Pisces said.


"Don't blame yourself for falling for their social con game if you ever discover that you were never a part of it. Because of their imaginative thinking abilities, Aquarians are recognised for being adept at speaking white falsehoods and half-truths."


"You'll be rewarded with a rock-solid friendship if you can gain their trust." "They'll make sure to strike first if they think you're playing them." Moreover, they will attempt to cause harm, just like the scorpion with which they are connected.


"These fiery flirts know how to make anyone feel that spark since they are under the mutable fire sign." Yet marriage is one journey these thrill-seekers aren't prepared for. Moreover, how likely is it to be ghosted? Clearly, the answer is yes.


Anything can sound good thanks to them. Geminis have the advantage when it comes to lying without being discovered, which may provide for amusing banter between couples.


Yet, strength and assurance draw attention, so your Aries companion is probably always attracting someone else's.


As winning is everything in life for Aries, dating becomes a game of competitiveness. "They'll start hunting for someone who will if they believe that you don't value them enough."

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