Zodiac Matches That Make The Best Long-Term Couples

Taurus values matter most. Having similar values (loyalty, consistency, comfort) starts this partnership off well.

1.Taurus and Taurus

Fun and camaraderie underpin Aries-Aries relationships. They challenge each other and keep each other interested, but they lack the balance and depth of a complementary partner.

2.Aries and Aries

Leo and Aquarius enjoy an adventurous, non-vanilla bedroom connection. They have little in common outside the bedroom, but if they work at getting to know each other, they can establish a great relationship.

3. Leo and Aquarius

These opposites attract because they compliment each other's talents and shortcomings and aren't so dissimilar as to drive one another mad.

4. Virgo and Sagittarius

Leo and Aries are excellent companions and natural allies. Together, they like taking on challenges, having fun, and exploring new things.

5. Aries and Leo

Although they get along well, these two make better friends than lovers. They are both fascinating individuals who enjoy learning new things.

6. Gemini and Aquarius

While not the ideal mix, this one is also not the worst either. Together, the powerful elements manifest as support.

7 .Virgo and Scorpio

Cancer matches Cancer well. Because they understand each other, the two get along well and can have one of the zodiac's deepest relationships.

8. Cancer and Cancer

This is a relationship between two alphas, which can be quite difficult. Yet, when it does, they are a force to be feared.

9 .Aries and Libra

Because both signs strive to avoid confrontation and go to great lengths to ensure their partner feels supported, there is a lot of potential for peace between Cancer and Virgo.

10. Cancer and Virgo

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