Crab babies are born between June 22nd and July 22nd. Choose a Cancer baby name to celebrate this.

Alienor:  From its Greek origins, this lovely name means "compassion" and "God is my light."

 Amaris:  Amaris is a Spanish name with Hebrew roots that is promised by God.

Anahita:  This charming name has Persian origins and is associated with a water goddess.

Ayla:  Ayla is derived from Turkish and Hebrew words.

Aruna:  Aruna means "second moon" and "rising sun" in Japanese and Sanskrit.

Callisto: Jupiter's second-largest moon has a Greek name meaning "most beautiful".

Caris:  This name derives its meaning from the Welsh words "love," "grace," and "kindness."

Chandra:  The name is derived from the Sanskrit word for the moon.

Cordelia:  This lovely Shakespearean name translates to "daughter of the sea" and "heart."

Doris:  The Greek name Doris translates to "gift of the sea."