This quick smoothie comes out thick and creamy and tastes wonderful. It has a strong banana flavour and is an excellent potassium source. If you enjoy banana smoothies,

You should also try my recipes for strawberry and peanut butter banana smoothies. Do you frequently have more mature.

Bananas than you can consume on your counter Bananas can always be baked.

But they can also be frozen and used later in milkshakes. Because they are naturally sweet.

Ripe bananas with a few brown patches are excellent for baking into bread and including in smoothies.

One of the simplest smoothie recipes I have is this one with bananas. I can prepare it whenever I need a quick breakfast because it only requires a few basic ingredients.

That I always have on hand in my kitchen. Kids can enjoy this simple smoothie as a nutritious refreshment. Although frozen bananas work best in this banana smoothie, ripe.

Unfrozen bananas will do in a hurry. Bananas that have been frozen aid in cooling 

The smoothie and add to its viscous, creamy, milkshake-like texture.

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