These are the three most loved zodiac signs in astrology

To many individuals, love is many things: all you need, a rose you should not choose, a form of amnesia, many a magnificent thing, promised anguish, or simply plan old fresh hell.

In honour of Valentine's Day, which reminds us all that red is the colour of arterial blood as well as romantic emotion,

we've compiled a list of the zodiac signs that are the easiest to love and, as a result, never short on friends, admirers, imitators, suitors,

social media stalkers.I'm not saying that being easy to love is a naturally positive attribute.

Conflating convenience with worth is a risky game that I will not play. I believe in love as an ethos, an escape, and a way of life.

It's difficult to dislike Libra. These people, like the scales and balances, are good at understanding what others need to hear and effortlessly conveying that siren melody. L


To paraphrase "Spinal Tap," Sagittarius energy wants to have a good time all the time, which makes natives very, very likeable. Sagittarius does not obey or restrain, but it also seldom complains.


In terms of the physical body, Leo reigns and leads with the heart, making them preternaturally easy to adore. Leos have a reputation for being self-centered, yet this oversimplification does them a disservice.


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