The zodiac sign known as most envious has raging emotions and is resentful of "pretty much anything.

According to Western astronomy, Gemini has the lowest level of envy and Scorpio has the highest level.There are 12 zodiac signs in Western astrology, each with a distinct personality and.

Collection of traits. Compared to other signs, some are a little more envious.Jupiter is notoriously the most envious zodiac sign, claims the personality type relationship app So Syncd.

According to astrologers, Scorpios should be on the alert because they have a tendency to become envious of almost anything.

As a result, it can be difficult to keep a relationship going with a Scorpio because they might feel threatened by their partner's connections with transgender people.

Scorpio may even harbour feelings of envy towards the success of their peers and long for their own.

However Scorpio cannot contain their envy. In reality, it manifests in incredibly potent ways if it isn't controlled. Even "raging emotions.

Caused by their resentment could cause them to behave rashly. Astrology states that Scorpio's "suspicious, cunning, and controlling" characteristics go hand in hand with their propensity for jealously.

Although they refuse to take their relationships casually despite how frequently they are intense, they occasionally become possessive" when their trust is misplaced.While Scorpios.

Are incredibly loving, a successful relationship with them requires a strong foundation of trust, so those seeking to date one should be cautious not to allow them to be overbearing.