The three signs with the most accurate forecasts for April 2023 are

When it comes to you, Taurus, we're talking about a fresh perspective and a feeling of personal "get up and go." The taste of heaven you experienced last month has motivated you. You do not feel like you can remain where you are any longer, whether this has.


Anything to do with love or momentum in general. You will be responsible in your behaviour and make due with what you have, getting through and finishing whatever situation you are in right now. However, the reality is that you are moving.

You feel as though you're finally getting a break now because you've had to assume responsibility for far too many things over the past month. This is not to say that April is a time to unwind, at least not for you.


But your attention is much more on the things you want to accomplish now that you have the means to do so. You could choose to hold onto your grudges indefinitely, but you've really begun to realise that life is brief and that you must seize your own happiness.

Because Lilith energy complements the Scorpio character so well, you might notice that old wounds and heartaches seem to mysteriously vanish. What seemed to be a drag or an unending.


Weight on your spirit seems to be...gone. CCCnon-feeling. In April 2023, Scorpio, you will give yourself your own independence, and it will feel both relived and energising.

You might even experience a sense of returning to "your old self." Welcome return, and be prepared for this feeling to intensify over the coming week.

You'll exude grace and a sense of recently attained super-confidence, and you'll want to dominate the world while grinning.

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