The Most Rational Zodiac Signs in AstrologyF

As Ariana Grande sang, 'I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it,' she may have been addressing the Leos in her audience. Leo is not one to give up quickly and is eager to put in the effort to win someone over with extravagant demonstrations of love.


Similarly, Aries will not back down from a challenge lightly. Aries is known to like the thrill of the chase, so anticipate an Aries to show up at your door at midnight with movie tickets or to impulsively whisk you away on a romantic break in between work weeks.


Pisces is the zodiac's hopeless romantic, so it's no surprise that they're at the front of the pack. Their delicate outlook on life, combined with their acute emotional awareness, means that they leave no stone left in expressing their love.


Get yourself a Gemini if you want to be swept off your feet. Because of the dual duality of their personality, life with a Gemini is an unpredictable trip. Anticipate long, sensitive dates spent staring into each other's eyes, followed by a difficult night in the boudoir.


Sagittarius is all about spontaneity, so get ready for a wild journey. Not one to settle for a mundane routine, their inner spirit of adventure will keep you on your toes and guarantee that the relationship never gets monotonous.


 A Scorpio might take you away in a passionate tornado of romance if you are willing to let go of control. There will be no sob stories about 'the one who got away to see here'; once a Scorpio has their eye on someone, they will set out to conquer.


Though they may not express their emotions openly, a Capricorn will find other ways to make you feel loved and treasured. They don't believe in rushing things, so prepare for a leisurely, passionate journey that will fill you with all the feels.


A Virgo's love is manifested via deeds of service. Instead of flirting, you'll notice them being sensitive to your smallest needs and sentiments, and they won't be afraid to allow you take the lead.


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