The Lucky and Unlucky Months of 2023, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries, this is going to be your year! Jupiter will be in your sign during the first few months of 2023, which will be especially fortunate for you. Jupiter's entry into Taurus in May will cause some changes, but they won't necessarily be for the worse.


Jupiter, the asteroid of good fortune and expansion, moves into Taurus in May. According to astrologer Meghan Rose, the celestial bull "will find that it's much easier to make friends, attract romantic prospects, and call in financial abundance during this time.


The vitality of the sun will heighten Gemini's charisma, curiosity, and adaptability during June [when the sun is in Gemini], according to Simmons. Because of this, June will be a fortunate month for Geminis.


Though technically not the luckiest sign in the zodiac for 2023, Cancer, get set for an incredible summer! A new moon will also occur in Cancer at the conclusion of the month while the sun is in Cancer in July.


Leo while the summer may be hit or miss for you, by September you'll feel more secure in your relationships, financial position, and commitments. In fact, since Venus, the planet of love, will enter Leo at the beginning of October, this will be a fantastic moment to pay more attention to relationships of all kinds.


Everyone may feel in love around Valentine's Day, but this year, Virgos will feel it even more strongly. According to Simmons, "Virgo may feel like their romantic relationships are finally coming together" due to the conjunction of the sun, Venus, and the new moon in Pisces.


Venus will enter Libra on November 8 and enhance this sign's characteristics, such as socialization, balance, and intelligence. According to Simmons, when a planet is in its native sign—in this case, Libra—it can assist that zodiac sign attract more luck into their lives.


Scorpio will experience luck in November, similar to Libra, but for a different cause. For the first occasion in more than a year, the new moon in Scorpio won't also be an eclipse, according to Simmons.


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