The Craziest Zodiac Sign

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A honed sense of what is proper and acceptable and what is not is something that Virgos possess.


And if you've ever encountered a Virgo, you know that they not only demand perfection of themselves but also of everyone around them, including their partners, colleagues, and children.


Aries can come out as snobbish because of their propensity to lose patience with people who do not immediately understand them or what they are asking for.


"This attitude manifests for Aquarius as a hipper-than-thou aura. Not aware of the best independent band, film, or book? So don't waste your time with an Aquarius."


"Libra's shadow side can reveal someone who is shallow, prepared to follow the wind wherever it may be at any given time, and insipid."


Because of this, along with their powerful pack instincts, Scorpio won't have any trouble telling others who are less informed what they really think of them.


They simply have superb taste and consider anything less than the best to be subpar. Yet, careful since they are prepared to grumble if circumstances do not favour them.

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