The best infant names according to your child's birth chart

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is distinguished by its impulsive, risk-taking, and fiery character. They strive to succeed and take pleasure in novelty, speed, and heroism. These are some possible baby names: Marius,


Venus, the planet of love, attractiveness, wealth, and favourable lighting, rules Taurus, an earth sign that is fixed. As a result, the children's names, Eden, Wren, Jasper, and Clay, are those that evoke the wild world.


Mercury, the ruler of communication and commerce, rules the sign of Gemini. Natives are frequently endearing, witty, and prone to uncertainty, mischief, and lyricism. A fitting moniker for this air sign would be Grey, which pays homage to their capacity for liminal vision and to the Grey Parrot, one of the smartest and chattiest birds in all of nature.


Moon-ruled Cancer is a highly intuitive, intensely sentimental sea sign. Ideal names for Cancer represent their watery nature and the strength of their emotionality. They are moody and easily moved.


The zodiac sign Leo is the most majestic. Lion pups are friendly, affectionate, and animated. They are also natural leaders and hams. The sun, which governs this fire sign, is represented by the Greek name Helio.


Virgo is a Mercury-ruled mutable earth sign that is obsessed with possibility and constantly pursuing improvement. They frequently have a sharp sense of wisdom, curative qualities, and order and are natural carers and hawk-eyed observers.


The seventh sector of partnerships is ruled by Libra. Natives are skilled negotiators, interior designers, and romantics. They are sensitive to beauty and desire calm, so they demand beautiful surroundings.


Themes of death, transformation, shadow labor, and regeneration are important to Scorpio because it is the astrological sign with the greatest intensity. Lazarus, fortunate be thy zombie, is a perfect baby name in light of this.


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