The cheek dimple is a sign of kindness and innocence, or an angel with broken wings.

People with dimples are versatile, popular, frank, and generous.

Girls with dimples on cheeks are attractive and pleasing to elders.

Boys with dimples are polite and well-behaved, leading to happiness and joy.

People with dimples have good luck with opposite sex, but it can lead to complications.

Self-willed and spoiled, making relationships difficult.

Dimples are an inauspicious symbol in physiognomy, decreasing luck with age.

Do good deeds in youth for good luck in old age.

People with dimples are prone to spleen and stomach problems, so they should pay attention.

Dimples indicate poor interpersonal skills, leading to hypocrisy and harmful people.

Interpersonal relationships are essential for building a career, leading to resistance.