Gemstones are used to make jewellery and are recommended for zodiac signs.

ARIES: Red Coral is a natural healer and replenishes energy for those born in Aries.

TAURUS: Venus' cosmic energy gives Taurus unparalleled creativity and a luxurious life.

GEMINI: Gem of Mercury, Panna, improves thinking abilities of Gemini, which can lead to nervous disorders.

CANCER: Pearls help calm emotional turmoil in Cancerians.

LEO: Leo is ruled by the sun and should wear a Ruby to fulfill their ambitions.

VIGRO: Virgos use their mind energy to rejuvenate themselves with emerald.

LIBRA: Libra people must wear a gemstone of Venus to improve their inventiveness and reduce emotional stress.

SAGGITARRIUS: Sagittarians are ambitious, hardworking, and adventurous, but their ambitions can be hindered by Pukhraj.

CAPRICORN: Wearing a blue sapphire/iolite can help Capricorns realize their true needs and work towards them.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius is secretive and pessimistic, needing emotional energy to gain it.

PISCES: Pisces people have strong mental and spiritual desires, supported by pukhraj.