The Zodiac symbol comes from the first two Geminis.The twins sitting in the night sky are named.

Jasper  The Persian name Jasper, which translates to "treasurer," is connected to healing and safety.

Caleb  Caleb was a faithful and devoted sage sent to Canaan.

Miles Latin name meaning "soldier" or "merciful" has become popular.

Orion  Orion was a giant hunter in Greek mythology.

Asher  Asher is a Hebrew name meaning "happy" or "blessed".

Leo  Lion symbolizes strength, courage, and leadership.

Gemini  Gemini is a popular name for boys and girls born under this sign.

Max   Maximilian or Maximus means "greatest" or "largest".

Ethan   Ethan was a wise man who wrote Psalms.

Finn  Finn McCool is associated with adventure and bravery.