Each zodiac sign's worst compatibility partner

Cancers need more than Aries. More so. So much that a Cancer's needs could smother an Aries and leave the Cancer feeling undesired and dissatisfied, making the Cancer need more stuff. It's obvious from the start. Downhill.

Cancer is Aries' worst match.

Taurus and Leo are incompatible because they are like chalk and cheese. Taurus dislikes crowds, attention, and mixing.

Leo is Taurus' worst match.

Slow-moving Virgos like order. As Gemini loves unpredictability, new experiences, and speed, they don't work together. This earth-air combination is the worst zodiac match for dating as well as marriage.

Virgo matches poorly with Gemini.

Cancer feels overwhelmed by Aries. Because you're on different levels and don't understand one other, meeting each other's emotional needs will be difficult. Isn't that crucial in a relationship?

Aries is Cancer's worst match.

Opposites repel in Taurus-Leo relationships. Unlike Taurus, Leos enjoy to be out and about.

Taurus is Leo's worst match.

Sagittarius will ridicule Virgo's concerns and views. Virgos are serious and sensitive, therefore this is bad.

Sagittarius is Virgo's worst match.

Libra and Pisces avoid conflict at all costs, making relationship troubles impossible to settle.

Pisces is Libra's worst match.

Scorpios distrust Geminis because they are impetuous and flighty for no reason.

Scorpio's worst match is Gemini.

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