Chinese astrology predictions for the Year of the Rabbit

Those who were born in the Year of the Rabbit will go through their own "Ben Ming Nian," or celestial year, in 2023. Supporters believe that as a result, there will be more turmoil and volatility in the upcoming year.


There are signs that 2019 will be a prosperous year for dragons. Their year is unaffected by bad performers. There are no pressing issues, besides perhaps the health of those who were born in the summer and the fall. They might readily experience stress," claims Chow.


The travel star Yi Ma Xing and the fortune star Cai Xing will rule over people born in Snake years this year, bringing them good tidings and abundance. You'll have opportunities, new paths, and advancements at work, claims Chow.


This year, the Peach Blossom Star (Taohua Xing) will shine over Horses. Chow remarks, "That's always excellent news. On the job, they'll discover new chances and come across many mentors who can help them.


Goats will welcome Tai Sui this year. Although it typically has a favourable impact on their luck, it could also indicate that the year will be demanding. Goats must therefore take care of themselves and take breaks as required.


Monkeys will be harmoniously united with Tai Sui this year, which is good news. According to Chow, their coworkers will lavish them with praise. However, that does not imply they should lead a carefree lifestyle.


The Roosters must prepare for this year's matchup with Tai Sui, which means the months that follow may be chaotic and full of changes. Chow's advice: travel more and embrace the confusion.


People born under the sign of the Dog will probably have a good year with major advancements in their career and finances because Tai Sui is in union with them. Dogs, however, need to remember to show humility and pay attention to others.


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