Moles on forehead indicate wisdom, wealth, loss, and sudden monetary gains.

Forehead Moles 

Mole in eyebrows indicates leadership, romance, and financial prosperity.

Eyebrows Moles 

Moles in right eye indicate honesty and hardwork. Moles in left eye indicate arrogant behaviour. 

Eyes Moles 

Having a mole on the tip of the nose indicates impulsiveness, wealth, and sensuality.

Nose Moles 

 A mole on the right cheek, says that you are of dominating nature. and a mole on the left cheek is a sign of a short temper.

Cheek Moles 

Moles on any part of the year is an indication of a luxurious lifestyle, and on top or bottom  means that the person is very intellectual 

Ears Moles 

Mole on any part of the lips means that the bearer has a great taste in food and drama.

Lips Moles 

Having a mole on tongue can lead to health and education issues.

Tongue Moles 

A mole on chin means t you like to travel , on right of chin means that you are logical , on left  of chin means that you are honest and loyal.

Chin Moles 

Mole on the front neck means that you are a bearer of good luck, on the back neck means that you are a tad bit aggressive in nature.

Neck Moles 

A mole on the left shoulder indicates stubbornness, while a mole on the right indicates courage.

Shoulder Moles 

Mole on either arm is a sign of good manners. right arm is a sign you are smart and on left arm means that you  desire a luxurious life

Arm Moles 

Moles of either elbow are a sign of restlessness and wealth.

Elbow Moles 

Everyone with a mole on the wrist is highly creative.

Wrist Moles 

Moles on fingers indicate exaggeration and hardworking qualities.

Finger Moles 

Moles on right  of the ribs represent unconscious desire to live an average life, while on left represents the need to try harder.

Ribs Moles 

Mole on navel indicates blissful marriage and prosperous life.

Navel Moles