Astrology's Best and Worst Zodiac Sign Love Matches

Both signals function best with a realist, not a dreamer. Despite this, they are joyful and create a pleasant, creative environment.

1. Cancer and Pisces

Unexpected, yet strong. Leo and Capricorn value peer respect and work together to protect their privacy and reputations.

2. Leo and Capricorn

One sign that gets along well with its own sign is Libra. As having someone who shares their ideals is essential to them, half the battle is won.

3. Libra and Libra

It's likely that this couple first became friends, with each individual pondering when and who would initiate contact.

4. Capricorn and Pisces

They'll struggle to match values, but they're not incompatible. Cancer thinks Capricorn is shallow until they clarify that they prefer good stuff for a pleasant household (among other things).

5. Cancer and Capricorn

They call "boring" "perfect." From finances to their five-year goals, they agree.

6. Taurus and Virgo

Every parent wants their children to be in this kind of relationship. It's a sensible, down to earth, and fruitful connection.

7.Virgo and Pisces

The couple that enjoys their time together the most is Gemini and Leo. They frequently come up with elaborate plots and make each other laugh.

8. Gemini and Leo

They often discuss about their relationship till dawn. Both are smart and have lots of hobbies.

9. Aries and Aquarius

After Virgo thinks Aquarius is insane, they'll realize they're compatible. Aquarius, unlike Gemini, is self-sufficient.

10.Virgo and Aquarius

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