Just like skin colour and hair colour, different people have differnt eye colour.

Melanin in the iris affects eye color, with more melanin resulting in brown eyes and less melanin resulting in lighter colors.

Blue eyes are genetically recessive, only 8% of the world's population has them, mostly from northern Europe.

The colour of our eyes depends on how much melanin is present in the iris.

Blue eyes are more sensitive to light and need extra UV protection since their irises have less melanin. Outside, wear glasses.

A genetic mutation in a single individual in Europe 6,000 to 10,000 years ago led to the development of blue eyes.

Blue eyes are common at birth, but can change over time due to melanin production in the iris.

People with blue eyes are at a higher risk of alcohol dependency compared to those with darker eyes.

Eye colour is influenced by 16 genes and the anatomic structure of the iris, making it impossible to predict if a child will have blue eyes.