10 most dangerous dog breeds

These enormous dogs pulled heavy loads. They have a great motivation to seek and catch prey thanks to their ancestors.

Alaskan Malamutes

It is commonly known that these small-framed dogs have strong defence instincts.

Chow Chows

Dalmatians were initially employed as guard dogs and hunting dogs. Although they are dedicated to their humans, they might be wary of or even hostile towards strangers.


Dobermans are autonomous, intelligent dogs that were initially intended to serve as personal protection dogs.

Doberman Pinschers

This dog breed, often known as the Alsatian, is the second most popular in the US.

German Shepherds

Despite their name, German boarhounds created this breed.

Great Danes

The most contentious breed on our list, pit bulls are considered to be unpredictable and violent, even towards their owners.

Pit Bull Terriers

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