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The Authentic Southern Tomato Sandwich Recipe

    The Authentic Southern Tomato Sandwich Recipe

    You’ve got to try a traditional Southern tomato sandwich before the season ends. White bread, mayonnaise, and vine-ripened tomatoes are all needed to make this dish.
    Those who grew up in the South are likely familiar with the concept of a tomato sandwich. I’ve never heard so many strong opinions about a sandwich from friends and relatives when I asked about them.

    Many people adore them. If you ask, they’ll tell you about the time their grandma prepared them something special during the summer. You’re in for a delicious surprise!

    In recent years, the popularity of these sandwiches has skyrocketed because of the amount of perfectly ripe tomatoes that can be found in the summertime. The first documented use of the word “tomato sandwich” was in a 1911 article from The Virginia Chronicle, in which a man detailed his meal of tomato sandwiches, watermelon, iced tea, and coconut cream pie.

    Are you still craving more good ol’ Southern stuff? The pineapple sandwich is a must-eat.

    Which Tomato Is Ideal for a Sandwich?

    Try to find tomatoes that are big and ripe. My search for giant tomatoes usually leads me to an heirloom or beefsteak variety. They have lots of taste and are thick and juicy.

    Recipe for Southern-Style Tomato Sandwiches

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    A garden-fresh tomato is essential for this tomato and mayo sandwich dish from our Test Kitchen. No doubt about it!


    • A pack of 8 white loaves
    • Equal parts of mayonnaise (1/2 cup)
    • Tomatoes, cut thinly (about 1/2 inch): 2 big, ripe
    • 1/2 gram of salt
    • One-fourth of a teaspoon of ground black pepper


    Step 1: Cut the tomatoes into slices

    Tomatoes should be sliced thickly and chunkily. Add salt and pepper to taste, then put to one side.

    Step 2: Disperse the mayonnaise

    On each piece of toast, smear some mayonnaise.

    Step 3: Assemble the sandwich

    To half the bread, place one or two tomato slices (more if they’re large enough). Close the sandwiches with the remaining bread and serve.

    Hints & Advice

    • Make this sandwich on some fluffy white bread. It pairs wonderfully with ripe tomatoes. It’s perfect for sopping up savory tomato juice, even if it’s a little salty.
    • Some gourmet sandwich eaters want their bread toasted. I like mine untoasted, but that’s just me.
    • To prevent your sandwich from becoming soggy, salt and pepper the tomatoes on a layer of paper towels before assembling the sandwich. In a short amount of time!
    • This tomato sandwich is perfect, just the way it is. However, each sandwich might benefit from the inclusion of only one leaf of iceberg lettuce.

    Do you wish you had access to even more fantastic tomato recipes? Take advantage of this year’s bumper supply of tomatoes by following these simple guidelines. Also, this banana sandwich is an excellent example of a traditional Southern sandwich.

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