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Recipe for Caribbean Shrimp Burger

    Recipe for Caribbean Shrimp Burger

    Recipe for Juicy Caribbean Shrimp Burgers flavored with Island Herbs and Spices and served with Fresh Mango Slaw. And with a few substitutions, they become GLUTEN-FREE!

    Excursions to the Caribbean

    Each year for the past several, Lt. Dan and I have taken a “grown-up excursion” to a small group of islands in the Bahamas.

    Unlike most of our excursions, this one is a relaxing getaway. We take a small group of close friends to the islands to perform some laid-back island activities.

    In a little boat, we putt around the clear seas. Golf carts allow us to get through the islands’ interior with ease. To relax, we stretched out on the sand. When we snorkel, we use scuba gear. We’re having tiki cocktails. We enjoy seafood… Abundant seafood.

    You’ve stumbled across paradise.

    A Recipe for Shrimp Burger?

    Shrimp Burger

    Julie, our vacation companion, must also keep a blog. Running In A Skirt, her blog on living a healthy lifestyle has articles about exercise and healthy cooking.

    Julie first served me shrimp burgers during our travels to the Bahamas.

    Honestly, I must admit that the thought of shrimp in a burger initially seemed a bit strange to me. When I heard that large, juicy shrimp were being ground up to produce burger patties, my immediate instinct was, “Why?”

    But it all made sense as I bit into Julie’s burger.

    Shrimp burger are not only highly juicy but also packed with the taste of fresh seafood.

    This blend is a fantastic base for sprinkling your favorite herbs, spices, and hearty toppings.

    Excellent Shrimp Burger

    Subsequently, Julie shared her secret recipes for handmade shrimp burgers with me.

    • Traditional Shrimp Burger
    • Burgers made with spicy Cajun shrimp

    It would help if you tried Julie’s shrimp burgers. They are pretty addicting.

    Although, following our most recent visits to the Bahamas, I knew it was time to develop my shrimp burger recipe… One that has been influenced by our travels together.

    Beyond the delicious seafood, my favorite thing about Caribbean food is the adventurous use of fresh herbs, chilies, and spices often reserved for baking.

    The diverse culinary traditions of the Caribbean are the result of the many different peoples who have settled on these islands throughout the years. Brilliant and surprising meals are the result of cultural fusion in the kitchen.

    Constituents of a Caribbean Shrimp Burger

    The ingredients in today’s Caribbean Shrimp Burger Recipe are as fresh as they come.

    Recipe for Shrimp Burgers:

    • Peeled and deveined raw shrimp
    • Gluten-free panko bread crumbs
    • The Size of a Big Egg
    • Chopped onion, approximately (or scallions)
    • Peppers, bell, coarsely chopped
    • Minced Cilantro
    • Zest and juice a lime (or lemon juice or lemon zest)
    • Peeled Garlic Cloves
    • Whole, deseeded Habanero Pepper
    • Salt
    • Allspice, Ground
    • Ginger Powder

    The following ingredients are required for Mango Slaw:

    • Salsa de Salsa de Broccoli
    • Mango, ripe and ready to be sliced thinly.
    • Finely diced Green Onions
    • Mayonnaise
    • Honey
    • Spices and seasonings

    Recipe for Shrimp Burgers:

    • The Hamburger Bun – or the Gluten-Free Bun
    • Sliced, peeled avocado
    • Butter or Oil

    Spicy habanero and nutty ground spices pair wonderfully with the sweetness of the shrimp, onions, and bell peppers.

    How to Make Shrimp Patties

    I prefer to cook my shrimp burgers in a large cast-iron pan rather than grilling them over an open flame.

    This is because well-made shrimp burger are incredibly delicate. This high moisture content makes them cling to the grilling surfaces.

    Instead, place them in a nonstick pan with oil or butter and cook them gently. A caramelized crust will emerge while the interior remains very moist.

    A Recipe for Shrimp Burgers with a Taste of the Caribbean


    1. Before making Shrimp Burger, peel the shrimp and cut off their tails. Cut the onion, bell pepper, and cilantro into large pieces. The habanero pepper should be peeled and seeded. Preparation of lime juice and zest.
    2. Put a food processor on the table. Put garlic, habanero, cilantro, onions, and bell peppers. Zest the lime and add it, but save the liquid for the slaw. Chop the vegetables into small pieces by pulsing the appliance a few times. Put the shrimp in. Repeat the pulsing process a couple more times to get finely chopped shrimp. Pulse the ingredients briefly, but not too much; you want to be able to see individual shrimp bits. The burgers’ texture is perfected in this manner.
    3. Combine the shrimp mixture, 1 1/4 cups of panko breadcrumbs, an egg, salt, allspice, and ginger in a large mixing bowl. Coat everything evenly and mix until it’s smooth.
    4. Prepare a hot burner with a large nonstick frying pan. Pour the oil in (or butter.) Then, turn the heat up to medium. Gather the shrimp mixture and divide it into 4 equal patties, each slightly bigger than the hamburger buns.
    5. Place the patties in the heated pan and cook for 5-6 minutes on each side. Brown, but not black, is the perfect color for them to be.
    6. Mango slaw may be made while the shrimp burger are in the oven. Broccoli slaw, mango strips, green onion, lime juice, mayonnaise, and honey should all be combined in a medium mixing basin. Combine thoroughly. Then, season to taste with salt and pepper. Please don’t bother with it right now.
    7. Carefully place one patty on the bottom of each bun, then open the buns and do the same with the rest of the patties. Add some avocado slices and mango slaw on top. Serve immediately with the top bun in place.

    FAQs: Answers to Your Burning Questions

    Can I make shrimp burgers that don’t include gluten?

    Yes! Use gluten-free bread crumbs and hamburger buns instead of traditional panko. In addition, double-check the mayonnaise you’re using.

    Is there any dairy in this recipe?

    Yes. The patties can be made dairy-free by substituting oil for butter during cooking. You should also double-check the mayonnaise and bread you want to use. Milk is an ingredient that is occasionally present.

    I was wondering whether shrimp burgers were low in carbs.

    No… But perhaps. A low-carb diet cannot be followed in its entirety, including this dish. However, if you serve the shrimp patties without the bread and instead with a salad, you may reduce the carb content by about two-thirds. Substitute almond flour for the panko breadcrumbs if you want. Nonetheless, the patties are much more fragile and tricky to work with.

    Is it possible to prepare the patties in advance?

    Yes. Prepare the patties as far in advance as you like, even up to a day. Spread them out on a baking sheet, cover tightly, and chill. They can need an extra 12-14 minutes if you’re cooking them cold from the fridge.

    Is it okay to eat leftover shrimp burgers?

    Unexpectedly, yeah! So that my kid may have some for lunches at school, I normally prepare two batches. His favourite food is the shrimp burger.

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