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Making Traditional Italian Sandwich Cookies with Butter

    Making Traditional Italian Sandwich Cookies with Butter

    Thanks to our Italian sandwich butter cookie recipe, you may avoid the trip to the bakery.

    As someone with a severe craving for sweets, there are a select few bakeries that I enjoy visiting. There’s the one down the street that serves Oreo-covered doughnuts, and there’s the one that serves fluffy croissants in the style of a classic French bakery. However, the Italian bakery next to the Taste of Home headquarters is one of my favorites. I enjoy getting a bag of mixed cookies from their place. Which is the best? This is the chocolate-dipped, jam-filled, buttery sandwich cookie. It’s the perfect cookie in my book since it’s crunchy, fruity, and chocolaty.

    I needed to locate a recipe for Italian sandwich butter cookies so I wouldn’t have to visit the bakery constantly.

    Buttery Italian Sandwich Cookies, Made With Our Special Recipe

    You may use this recipe for baking cookies that appear as if they come from an Italian bakery.


    • 1/4 pound butter, softened
    • Sugar, Three-Quart
    • It takes two giant eggs to create an omelet (this is one more than the recipe calls for, but it will make the dough better for piping)
    • One teaspoon of flavoring, such as vanilla or almond
    • 2-and-a-quarter cups of all-purpose flour
    • The equivalent of a half-teaspoon of salt
    • Baking powder, one-fourth teaspoon
    • One cup of strawberry or raspberry preserves that have had the seeds removed.
    • 1 cup of melted semisweet chocolate chips
    • Sprinkles


    Step 1: Making Cookie Dough

    These Italian sandwich butter cookies call for an easy-to-mix cookie batter. Mix the sugar and softened butter together. Then, while beating, include two eggs and the extract. Then add the dry ingredients and mix until the dough almost comes together.

    The recipe called for vanilla extract, but I used almond extract instead. Since almond is a staple taste in Italian-American bakeries, it felt like a reasonable alternative. It also works nicely with vanilla, and even orange if you prefer those flavors.

    Step 2: Making Sandwich Butter Cookies

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    A cookie press may be used to form the dough, but it takes practice to use it properly. Use a star-shaped tip on a pastry bag instead. Any sizable information will do as long as the aperture is at least half an inch. To get the signature form of Italian bakeries, piping the dough is essential. To get the first few out of the bag, you have to use some muscle, but the effort is well worth it.

    Using a ruler and some parchment paper, you may make cookies of consistent size (mine were two inches apart). Flip the parchment over to prevent your pen or marker from staining the dough. With the help of these guidelines, you can ensure that all of your cookies are the same size, making them a good fit for your sandwiches. Cut the cookies as you pipe using kitchen shears or a butter knife. Your cookies will have neat, uniform edges if you do this.

    Keep the piped cookies in the freezer for about an hour. So long as you do this, your cookies will keep their distinctive ridges. After refrigeration, bake them for 12-15 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit or until the edges are brown. Please remove it from the oven and allow cool on a wire rack.

    Step 3: Complete the cookies by filling them

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    We recommend spreading your favorite brand of raspberry or strawberry jam on your cookies once they have cooled. Stir it up to break it up, then spread some on the bottom of one cookie and sandwich it with another.

    Spread waxed paper with melted chocolate and top with the dipped half of the cookie sandwich. If you own one of these handy gadgets, now would be a great time to use it. This will ensure that the chocolate is always the perfect consistency for dipping.

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    Before the chocolate sets, sprinkle them generously with your preferred toppings. You may use any sprinkles you desire; rainbow nonpareils are just my preference. You can also try shredded coconut or chopped nuts.

    In the end product, you get a cookie that’s the best of both worlds: a crisp, buttery cookie with a beautiful fruit flavor and a delicious coating of chocolate. These cookies, with their subtle crunch from sprinkles, are perfect for sharing.

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